About Hernia Surgeon - Dr. R. Padmakumar

Dr. R. Padmakumar is a Sr. Consultant Laparoscopic and Metabolic Surgeon. He has been changing lives through Keyhole Surgery. He has got more than 24 years of hands-on experience in laparoscopic Surgery in major hospitals across India and has completed more than 5000 cases of Laparoscopic Hernia Surgeries. Dr. Padmakumar has trained more than 200 surgeons from over the world the art of laparoscopic surgery especially Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery.

Dr Padmakumar - Best Hernia Surgeon in India Selected as National President of Indian Hernia Society
Dr Padmakumar - Best Hernia Surgeon in India Selected as National President of Indian Hernia Society

Dear Dr. Padmakumar,
My hernia surgery ( the first surgery in my life ) last Friday was done perfectly. You & Sr. Feby helped me to face it in a positive manner. On the eve of the surgery I was very nervous ( thanks to one of my office colleagues). When I was wheeled in for the surgery, I didn't even know it was over, till the nurse told me that the procedure is completed, when I woke up !!!!!! NOW in future I can face any surgery. Thanks a lot Dr I have recovered very well, in fact I am out & about daily. My wife says you are the best surgeon she has ever seen. Thanks to Sr Feby for her support. God Bless !!!
Mathias & Pamela Mani

Best Hernia Surgeon in India with Trainees
Dr R Padmakumar with Trainees
  • Inguinal hernia
  • Femoral hernia
  • Umbilical hernia.
  • Incisional hernia
  • Epigastric hernia
  • Hiatal hernia
Author of Book
Best Hernia Surgeon in India Dr. R. Padmakumar authored the book Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery
Dr. R. Padmakumar has authored the Book "Laparoscopic Hernia Repair - How to Learn at Ease"
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Main Sections of the Book

  • Anatomy of laparoscopic inguinal region
  • Various laparoscopic methods of hernia repair
  • Difficulties, complications and trouble shooting
  • Basics of hernia

Contents of the DVD

  • Different types of hernia repairs
    • Inguinal - direct and indirect, TEP and TAPP
    • Umbilical hernia repair
    • Diphragmatic hernia repair
    • Lumbar hernia repair
    • Sliding hernia repair
    • Femoral hernia repair
  • Trouble shooting during hernia repair
    • Hernia with adhesion
    • Obstructed hernia
    • Multiple hernias
    • Recurrent hernias
    • Combined procedures
  • Innovation in ventral hernia repair
    • Sleeve with abdominoplasty
  • Unedited videos: TEP, TAPP, Ventral hernia repair

Contact Details

Dr. R. Padmakumar
Senior Consultant Laparoscopic and Metabolic Surgeon &
Director - Verwandeln Institute (Transforming Lives)
(Specialist in Laparoscopy, Hernia, Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes Surgery, Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery, Thoracoscopy, Intragastric Balloon)
Keyhole Clinic, Thammanam Road, Plarivattom, Kochi, Kerala, India
VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Maradu, Kochi, Kerala, India
Chairman - Association of Surgeons of India, Kerala Chapter

Mobile: +919447230370, +919846320370
Email: drrpadmakumar@gmail.com


Chairman, Association of Surgeons of India - Kerala Chapter
National President - Indian Hernia Society (2016)
GC Member, Association of Surgeons of India (2013 - 2018)
Vice President- Society of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of India
Jt. Secretary - Indian Association of Endocrine Surgeons (2016)
Founder Member, Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society Of India
Founder Member, Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India
International Faculty of IASGO on Hernia and Diabetic Surgery
International Faculty of IFSO on Diabetic Surgery
Associate Editor : Diabetes and Obesity International Journal